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Sen. “Tough Shit” Bunning: Get a REAL Job

I don’t imagine the 1.2 unemployed Americans waiting to see if their benefits will be extended another 30 days were amused by the latest episode of C-SPAN’s latest episode, “A Democracy of One,” on The Obstructionist (a spin-off from Seinfeld’s “show about nothing”) that aired the other night. If Seinfeld is a “show about nothing,” then The Obstructionist is “much adieu about nothing.”

Flying solo, Sen. Jim Bunning, R-Ky, hosted the show and, using an anti-democratic procedural maneuver, vowed to repeatedly block any attempts by the Senate to pass a bill that would extend unemployed benefits set to expire this weekend, despite overwhelming support from both sides of the Red-Ink Sea.

During a recent Congressional Hearing about nothing, Sen. Bunning of Kentucky uses hands to exaggerate size of his latest obstruction

But lo and behold, T.S. Bunning took the altar, stuck to his guns and objected to every attempt at trying to move forward with a vote on the bill – despite all the guilt trips left at his self-anointed feet. In fact, Sen. Jeff Merkely, D-Ore., even lowered himself to beg the Self-Anointed One, but ol’ Bunning would have none of it and replied: “Tough Shit.”

Others joined in with T.S. Bunning’s “Crusade on the Desolate,” claiming an extension of benefits will merely serve as a disincentive for these desolate people to actively seek employment. If there is a will, there’s a way right? All these folks have to do is find the Holy Grail and they will discover a stack of job applications weighted down by this glorified paper weight.

Ironically, what T.S. Bunning does not realize is that sitting on top of this illusionary heap is a stack of applications for “Do-Nothing Congressman.” Now there’s a job I would like to get my hands on. Who needs a REAL job when we can get paid to do nothing, not to mention we would get face-time on the TV to help market ourselves for a revolving-door lobbying job when we get tired of doing nothing all day long. Although as a lobbyist, we would have to shift from doing nothing to ensuring that other people do nothing.

It’s the “ensuring” part that sounds so exhausting, but when you consider your salary will grow exponentially and you’ll be able to abandon your measly Cadillac Health Insurance benefits for a Rolls-Royce policy that requires providers to pay you a co-payment every time you use their services, “ensuring” doesn’t sound so exhausting after all. So while the Desolate are out giving blood and donating plasma to help make ends meet, these fat cats are making bank on routine checkups for their kids. Unfortunately, T.S. Bunning is merely a cancerous speed bump in the current Obstructionist Movement that has spread through Congress and plagued the democratic process, which has evolved from Majority Rule to Super-Majority Rule.

Congress have become so dysfunctional (“How dysfunctional has it?”), Jerry Springer has requested to air his show live on the chamber floors as both sides of the aisle air their dirty laundry out on cable television while lawmakers in the peanut gallery flash their nipples (Don’t do it Barney, we’re begging you Mr. Frank…) for a set of beads and 15-minutes of fame on Jerry Springer’s uncut DVDs. Although no meaningful legislation will ever get enacted, at least Americans get a chance to watch old people smash chairs over each others’ heads and get restrained by formerly unemployed bouncers at D.C.’s swankiest gentlemen clubs.

After shoveling shit for 7 hours during a filibuster on the Senate floor, Mike Rowe of “Dirty Jobs” take a break off-set during a recent shooting of an upcoming episode

I wish I worked for a company that had a policy wherein if one employee doesn’t like the direction the company is moving, he or she can call in sick and the rest of the employees get to stay home as well. I mean, do we really need a full-time Congress anymore? Couldn’t we get by with hiring temp politicians, so we could cut out all their benefits, beginning with health insurance?

Better yet, like rural communities who depend on a volunteer fire department, shouldn’t we turn to a volunteer Congress to keep our citizens safe – not only from what they do do but what they do not do as well. Either way, given the way Congress is currently run, it’s like playing Russian Roulette.

Another remedy to the current Obstructionist Movement would be to give Congress a transfusion and replace all of the obstructionists with scab politicians who are willing to cross the line and make money to feed their families. With around 10 percent of our workforce unemployed, I’m sure we could find plenty of qualified people to fill these seats. What job skills do you need besides saying “aye,” “nay” and occasionally having to read aloud a script composed by a team of lobbyists?

And if Sen. Bunning has a problem with scab politicians from Kentucky crossing the line and taking his non-job, I have two words for him: “Tough Shit!”

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Say Something Funny’s FAQ

Not sure if anyone has ever included a dedication in the Frequently Asked Questions’ section, but here goes:

             To Therapist Bob

F.A.Q. (that’s Frequently Asked Questions for those of you suffering from A.C.D. (Acronym Challenged Disorder))

1. Why did you shift from political satire, Political Fallout, to straight humor on Say Something Funny?

Funny you should ask (not really, but I do have a fetish for clichéd transitions). When a friend first asked me this question, I responded: “Why play God’s apprentice, when you can play God?” Not that I think I’m God or one of his messengers for that matter, but I started feeling like political satirists have become the ambulance-chasers of the humor world. As a political satirist, my job consisted of waiting for politicians to screw up and/or Say Something Stupid, which happens approximately every 3.5 seconds – or half the time the average male entertains a sexual thought. (Speaking of which…)

Besides, who would want to be god’s apprentice or messenger anyhow? If you think God is going to step aside and let you step in, you are more delusional and narcissistic than the Big Guy himself. (pause for Smote Break…) Not to mention the average life expectancy for God’s apprentices and messengers is somewhere between a politician screwing up and my last sexual thought.

Moreover, while writing straight journalism and political satire, both of which require research and facts, I developed an allergic reaction to the truth.

2. Are you afraid of losing some of your fan base at your other site, Political Fallout?

No. Both my mother and her friend, Irene, assured me that they will support me in my new writing endeavor. Granted, neither one of them owns a computer and Irene, who was my 90-year old elementary school principal 30 years ago, still thinks a blog is a type of goiter.

This is what Irene imagines every time she hears the word "blog."

This is what Irene imagines every time she hears the word "blog."

3. Why did you choose Say Something Funny as your site’s name?

Read debut post. Although I did consider using Liquid Nose Blow and Irene’s suggestion, Prune Juiced Rib Ticklers, but I chose to stick with S.S.F. (the official acronym of Say Something Funny).

Are you sure the name Say Something Funny was not inspired by Patty Duke’s 1965 hit song “Say Something Funny”?

Indirectly, yes. I chose SSF in orderf to take back Say Something Funny from Patty Duke. There’s nothing funny about a break-up song, wherein the leading man finds a new gal and has no choice but to dump his old steady in front of a bunch of onlookers.

Patty Duke – “Say Something Funny” (Or not…)

When it comes to break-up songs playing in the backdrop of a dumping scene, I would take AC/DC’s “Highway to Hell” and the Bee Gee’s “Tragedy” any day — which were the first two cassette tapes I bought when cassettes first came out in the ‘70s. Whether it was eclectic taste or prophetic foreboding, I haven’t yet decided, although I’m leaning toward “all of the above.”

4. What do the initials T.M. in your name stand for?

Transcendental Masochist

5. How much do you get paid for writing Say Something Funny?

On a bad week: nothing. On a good week: nearly twice as much as a bad week. But if you’re feeling guilty for exploiting a penniless blogger, feel FREE to click below and buy me a gift on my Amazon wish list:

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6. Why would you keep writing if you don’t make any money?

See #4

7. Boxers or briefs?

Neither:  Who has the time for either one these days?

8.  Do you have an agent?

Not yet. I’m still waiting for the Federal Government to officially release Agent Orange from its top-secret files. In the meantime, if you are an agent and have street cred in the humor writing market or you are an up-and-coming agent looking to hitch your prospects to yours truly, please contact me at saysomethingfunny@yahoo.com.