Humor Bloggers Flying Solo:  These folks, like me, are writing funny stuff without a working staff and probably have day jobs where they are part of a working staff.

Bloggess:  As billed: Like Mother Theresa, onlly better….” pretty much says it all, especially her biting wit.

The Ominous Comma:  Love the name and the comma-wielding potential.

Stuff White People Like:  Who would have thunk vanilla could be so damn exiting?!

i am bossy:  Bossy and funny — a great combination.

Political Satire and Snark Attacks

Political Fallout: my sister site , which has recently become estranged since Say Something Funny stepped forwad and claimed the glass slipper.

Wonkette: inside-the-beltway D.C. snark attack doesn’t get any snarkier.

Faux News

The Onion:  America’s Finest Only News Source

FOX News: Warning: Be careful what you step into here; there may be no turning back.

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