About Tom

T.M. Lindsey (left) and Id (right) share a funny thought

Tom Lindsey (left) and Id (right) kinetically share something funny

Tom Lindsey is a freelance comedy writer whose foray into comedy began with a satiric weekly column in The Daily Iowan, before finding a new home on a myriad of blogs including Witsend Here, Nussle & Flow, and Political Fallout. Say Something Funny is the new comedic face on the block. I’ve had comedy sketches produced on the Iowa Radio Project.

To help feed my comedy writing habit, I’ve written straight journalism for the Iowa Independent and the Iowa Veterans Blog. Some of my work has been referenced or appeared on Huffington Post and the New York Times. I’ve also interviewed several authors for articles including Gary Trudeau, Paul Krugman, Sherman Alexie, and Mike Farrell.

When I’m not writing humor and satire, I teach high school English in Iowa City, Iowa to pay most of the bills. The rest I’ve forwarded to God, who I TRUST will pay in a timely fashion. Most of my waking hours are spent raising my three boys and reenacting Sisyphus as I push a never-ending pile of students’ papers to the top of a hill with the intent of pushing them over the edge — only to have them roll back in an attempt to kill me. Despite Therapist Bob’s counsel to cut M.S.G. (More Sh*t to Grade), Big Brother keeps piling the papers on to keep my subversive musings in check.

One response to “About Tom

  1. hey T.M.

    ::the open end:: would love to have you contribute a guest post. could be a mutually beneficial.

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