You Know Unemployment Is Bad When…

Michigan Gov. Granholm proposes outsourcing Detroit to India to help bring down the state’s unemployment rate.

Brett Favre changes his Facebook career status from “Retired” to “Frictionally Unemployed.”

Uncle Sam applies for an extension on His unemployment benefits.

God is considering adding an eighth day to the week, so his unemployed creations can have a day off from looking for work.

Miss California Carrie Prejean gets fired for not living up to her end of the contract, which strictly forbids homophobia during business hours.

Just say world peace...cmon, just say world peace....

"Just say world peace...c'mon, just say world peace...."

Donald Trump fires himself, just so he has something to do.

White Supremacists, fearing layoffs beyond their Aryian control, attempt to unionize.

There’s a spike in unemployment rates for employees who work for the unemployed by standing in unemployment lines on behalf of their employers.

Former AIG CEOs start pawning their golden parachutes to help float them until their next unemployment check arrives.

Bloggin’ for nothin’ looks like a step up:)

You know the routine, dear Reader. Finish the sentence in the COMMENTS section below. What do you have to lose, other than your job (if responding while on The Man’s clock). Besides, it will look good on your resume.

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